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Languages in Netherlands

When a person is talking about any European country, it is without any doubt that it has historical importance, it has been part of important monarchies which once ruled the world. Netherlands is one of those lands which has great history and an amazing present. People from all over the world come to Europe and especially Netherlands with aim to explore more about this land.

Different Languages in Netherlands

Language is an important part of Netherlands. There are different languages in Netherlands. There are different groups of people speaking different languages in Netherlands. Depending on the number of these people, they make Dutch as the most commonly spoken language in Netherlands. There are various other dialects and languages in Netherlands. Dutch is one of those languages in Netherlands which is known by all the population and is also spoken widely in the neighbours.

Official Language in Netherlands

Now depending on the regions and provinces, there are different other languages in Netherlands.  In one province, one of the languages in Netherlands is West Frisian. West Frisian is spoken by four lac and fifty-three thousand people.  It is a co-official language in Friesland in Netherlands. In some municipalities, English language is the official language used. Low Saxon and Limburgish are also one of languages in Netherlands. It is basically a dialect, spoken on Dutch and Germany borderline. There are movements to make Limburgish one of the official languages in Netherlands but it hasn’t succeeded as of yet.  There are large group of people who speak this language.

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